Happy Labia Day @DrSuzy

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Happy Labia Day 2022! Labor Day became “Labia Day” for the FIRST TIME on this September 5, 2015 show live from Bonoboville on DrSuzy.Tv. Why Labia Day? Unlike May Day, Labor Day was never a truly authentic holiday for labor, aka the working class. So, we decided to read between the lines—and lips—of Labor Day to find a similar, onomatopoetic, but far more bonoboësque name for this early September day off from the daily grind, as I opened up my Womb Room for our very first Labia Day (puns intended)!

Thus, a great, new holiday blossoms like a Georgia O’Keeffe flower in the verdant Garden of Bonoboville, as we celebrate those ubiquitous, but mysterious and always absolutely fabulous, fleshy doors to female pleasure and wonder… and labor. A lady’s nether lips “go into labor,” along with the rest of her reproductive system, in giving birth. Other times, they tease, please, open, close, squirt and explode in orgasmic ecstasy.

It’s particularly poignant to re-release this historic Dr. Susan Block Show celebrating female genitalia in all its glory, power (power to the labia!) and vulnerability, now in 2022, when sexuality is under attack and American women’s Constitutional right to abortion has been ripped away from us by a radical right wing Supreme Court that probably never looked up-close at a nice pair of labia in their NeoPurtian lives.

Little did we know the repressive future on our first Labia Day featuring the delightful Dayton Rains showing off her world-famous labia in multiple positions, expertly licking my lucky labia and, in that great U.S. presidential intern tradition, smoking a cigar through her labia! Dayton’s exhibition inspires the rest of us to exhibit our own labia, along with the Wondrous Vulva Puppets, and a bottle of yummy Kinky Liqueur incorporated into our traditional Bonoboville Communion rites. Our First Labia Day also features Biz Bonobo, Chelsea, Ikkor the Wolf, Luzer Twersky and his puppy (no, not her labia).

Of course, Youtube, which is not Labia-Positive, won’t let us show you our labia. So this version is heavily censored. But you might enjoy the slideshow of PG images from Labia Day mixed with our friendly advertisements. I know, it’s not the same. So, if you love labia, I suggest you watch the First Labia Day uncensored here (youtube also won’t let us provide links, so you have to figure it out): https://drsusanblock.com/labia-day

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