F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Kink Month Kickoff 2021

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Happy Kink Month! Hop on the Love Train for some kinky sex, kinky politics, kink-positive sex therapy and kinky bonobo love. We also review our nonconsensually kinky Kangaroo Court hearing before the Arcadia city inspectors’ *politburo* circling the wagons around their own peeping-tomfoolery and unseemly interest in what we do in bed.

Kicking off Kink Month 2021, we explore the meaning of kink, a few of the many different types of kink, bondage as a bonding experience, kinky orgasms, spanking therapy, cougar kink, latex fashion and, now in the Coronapocalypse, kinky masks do double duty for fun and safety. As soon as I heard about Kink Month (via Hercules Liotard), shortly after the Stockroom invented it, I began celebrating, and this week’s throwback is our very first Kink Month Kickoff (2015) featuring the adorable Loni Legend, as well as Dayton Rains doing a very kinky reenactment of the Monica Lewinsky cigar-smoking scene you won’t see on “Impeachment ACS.”  Gabe in LA calls in for tips on how to better enjoy his “Sock Job” with his girlfriend, and Smokey in Texas (no relation to the Texas Biblethumper who swears the Lord commanded him to “sacrifice” five people in his hotel room) calls in tell Capt’n Max to “keep Dr. Suzy in line.” Listen to how I turn that around to make Smokey get “in line” like a good boy and sing “Johnny B. Goode” for me. Go, go, go, Smokey, go!

We also bemoan two-faced Trumpty Dumpty, pompous a*s Pompeo and our homicidal CIA all plotting to assassinate Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange! Fortunately, they didn’t shoot, poison or car-crash into Assange as planned. Nevertheless, they are now slow-killing him in prison. #FreeAssange! We also reflect upon Grimes going from Musk to Marx (or pretending to); Dog the Bounty Hunter’s dramatically sunburned entry into the Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie crisis within a reality show—and more! But we keep coming back to our own torrid, true tale of being unconstitutionally and unconscionably harassed by the zoned-out Arcadia Zoning Board because of our work in kink-positive sexuality.  No doubt, they are out to *get* us, but we will fight for our (and your) First and Fourth Amendment rights!

Read more AND watch the kinky throwback we can’t show on Youtube: https://drsusanblock .com/fdr-kink-month-kickoff-2021

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