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DomCon Bound 2018 @DrSuzy

We’re BOUND for DomCon 2022, where I will deliver “Make Kink Not War: Be BONOBO” and hobnob with the world’s finest FemDoms at the Met Gala of Latex and the Comic Con […]

Masturbation Month Kick-Off 2016 @DrSuzy

Merry Masturbation Month, Brothers and Sinners, Wankers, Yankers, Sperm-Bankers and Monkey-Spankers… In this bubbly celebration of self-pleasure, broadcasting live from Bonoboville, we kick off the M Month with a bang, a […]

30th Wedding Anniversary! @DrSuzy A Bedside Chat on Married Lust, Trust & the Bonobo Way

Opening up our new Womb Room, celebrating 3 DECADES of lawfully-wedded love and sex-revolutionary marriage from our broadcast bed, Capt’n and I are back in the sack, cranking up the Mattress […]

ART of the TEESE @DrSuzy with Dita Von Teese on DrSuzy.Tv

“Art of the Teese” aired live on The Dr. Susan Block Show three years before there was a Youtube! Circa December 1, 2001—as American forces invaded Afghanistan—we preferred to “Make Kink, […]

F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy Iraq to Ukraine: WARS SUCK (but not in the good way)

Ever get the feeling you’ve seen this movie before? I have, and it sucks. I really don’t want to see it again, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either, unless you […]

F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Be BONOBO (Save the Humans)

Rumbling through the fog of war, violence, pestilence and greed, we fear no evil, guided by the light of peace, love and good sex along the bumpy but beautiful Bonobo Way. […]

F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @Dr Suzy Stop the War! We Want to Get Off!

“Stop the World! I Want to Get Off” (that old Swingin’ Sixties musical) told the subtly anti-capitalist tale of a man so obsessed with success, he can’t fall in love. “What […]