30th Wedding Anniversary! @DrSuzy A Bedside Chat on Married Lust, Trust & the Bonobo Way

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Opening up our new Womb Room, celebrating 3 DECADES of lawfully-wedded love and sex-revolutionary marriage from our broadcast bed, Capt’n and I are back in the sack, cranking up the Mattress Madness, even as the Arcadia Politburo Kangaroo Court tries to repress our right to lie down.

Hallelujah. Praise the bed! You can do a lot on a bed, even while awake, as we demonstrate on this Bedside Chat, chatting away, showing off our April 12, 1992 Wedding Album, testing equipment, ranting, reminiscing, researching, taking selfies, making out, smoking, drinking, horsing around, reading old diaries, making new jokes, dishing silly celebrities, protesting the war(s), goosing each other, welcoming the anniversary cake, playing with the dog and more making out… all in bed! We don’t even get to the sleeping part. Though, since we’re on the F.D.R. radio Love Train, you could say we’re in the Sleeper Car. Choo-choo! Have bed will travel…

True to our motto of making love first in order to make love last—for at least 30 years—we kick off this auspicious anniversary weekend with a little lovemaking, aka sex. It was just *Old People Sex,* so nothing too strenuous, but an essential aspect of keeping lust and trust alive long-term. The older you get, the truer this is. So, have sex first (if you want to make love last), and then, if you feel like it, you can always do it again… and again (and yes, we did). Capt’n Max shoots blessed blanks, so no pearl necklaces—at least not the ejaculatory kind. But we’re both decked out in oodles of real and fake pearl necklaces, strands, earrings, belly chains and bracelets, pearls of wisdom, purity and pure silliness, the pearl being the sexy symbol of the 30th Wedding Anniversary, the lustrous symbol of lust plus trust, crystalized into a shining little ball of beauty within the 30-year marriage oyster.

Besides celebrating our own crazy long marriage, we talk about other people’s marriages. We’re inspired by newlyweds Julian Assange and Stella Moris, disturbed by Will and Jada (who gives a bad name to good cuckolding!) and even more disturbed by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and MAGAt Coup Queen Ginny Thomas.

Though our 30th Anniversary Bedside Chat is tons of fun, our actual anniversary at Le Meridian with its exhibitionism-friendly window plan and awesome mattress takes us right back into the Love Zone.

Read more prose and watch the (uncensored) show(s): https://drsusanblock.com/30th-wedding-anniversary

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