F.D.R. Radio (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy COPS & BOTS

Still reeling from being #suckerpunched by #Googlebots removing my YouTube channel—I see Memphis cops real-life sucker-punching a man to death, the LAPD suffocating another, other cops shooting others, & more & more cases of Death-by-Cop, & I feel pretty dumb, crying ab out my YouTube channel being erased. What’s a little censorship by bots compared to murder by cops? Well, one leads to the other. The bots that “terminate” our internet lives are the digital version of cops that exterminate people’s real lives. Ironically, bots don’t stop disinformation, & cops don’t stop crime. Both #cops & #bots are the attack dogs of “Da Rich” . The obscene #Capitalocene pits us against each other, Tyre Nichols murdered by fellow black men in a cop gang, my channel killed by a fellow liberal woman named Susan who runs YouTube (though bots did Susan Wojcicki’s dirty work). Pr. Maximillian Lobkowicz di #Filangieri, Abe Bonobo & I continue mourning the #CopCity murder of climate activist Tortuguita as YouTube’s censoring of My CounterPunch colleague Ramzy Baroud’s pro-Palestine videos & Abby Martin’s RT shows as we gag over gay Nazi Nick Fuentes fantasies of women in burkas, as antiwar truth-teller Julian Assange remains in prison, as left & right continue to fight, because “Da Rich” would rather we fight against each other than unite against them. #BonoboSapiens of the World Unite! We need sexual healing The Bonobo Way… Otherwise, repression turns into depression which can turn into lethal expression, mass-shootings that make war zones of our streets, supermarkets, schools & dance halls. The recent Monterey Park Dance Hall mass-murder hits close-to-home for us geographically, as well as emotionally. I’ve often recommended ballroom dancing to men who want to get close to women in an erotic yet respectful way. What a shame that one old #ammosexual’s frustration turned a haven for romance & dance into a death chamber. But this #FDR (#FuckDaRich) ride isn’t all death & politics; Brady calls in asking for help assessing a date’s sexual interest & wondering what does it mean when a prospective lover tells you they’re #Asexual? We have a great time answering (as you will listening), as well as celebrating Bonobo Adriana’s Flirty-30th birthday, the sexual-healing power of bare boobs, the release of another #SexCalls video, “Bisexual Monogamy,” & more… So, cuddle up to your favorite sexual healer (even if that sexual healer is you! Love yourself…) and listen. Need to talk PRIVATELY? Call the #TherapistsWithoutBorders of the Dr. Susan Block Institute for #PhoneSexTherapy anytime: 213.291.9497 We’re Here for YOU. Read more prose & see the uncensored shows: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-cops-bots

Last Updated: February 9, 2023(Share)