Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Strap yourself in or strap one on, and listen in on this wide-ranging wild ride on the Love Train. We begin with a couple of endings, saying RIP to old friend and filmmaker Michele Capozzi, as well as Lisa Marie Presley, American Rock Royalty, dead at 54, victim of cardiac arrest and toxic celebrity. Lifting the skirts of British #ToxicRoyalty, Prince Harry’s “Spare” might just help to “abolish the monarchy,” or at least take it down a peg (pun intended for William, Prince of Pegging who sounds like a royal pain in the butt). I am NOT a fan of Pr. Harry killing 25 people, though to be fair, his toxic family has killed, colonized and enslaved hundreds of millions more. Toxic celebrity takes many forms, from royal poison to political/sexual conspiracy theories that take our hungry imaginations down rabbitholes like Pizzagate, revived like a stale slice of pepperoni by Callin’er Brady, tortured by visions of heinous sex crimes perpetrated by “elites,” all of whom are in bed with Balenciaga and on a plane with Jeffrey Epstein (dead or alive). My view: whether or not they’re committing sex crimes, ALL of these “elites” are committing war crimes, economic crimes and climate crimes—as well as ANTI-sex crimes, like deleting women’s reproductive rights. Brady also requests my sexological analyst of incel hero, Jordan Peterson’s “wet dream” about his grandmother; don’t miss it! But the sexiest story of this show is not a fantasy. It’s Tennessee #PoliceOrgies! Hey, better for cops to have consensual sex with each other than harass and murder innocent citizens. Too bad most of the kinky cops got fired, especially the gal at the center (with six male officers), Maegen Hill. At least her hubby (a cuckold?) is staying; maybe they’ll start a cop fetish OnlyFans! Just as we’re wondering how many orgies are in Tennessee, Cornelius calls in from Tennessee to say there are a LOT more orgies than we might think. AND his police officer cousin attends them in uniform driving his cop car. Birthday shoutout to Mal, aka Kenneth Malcomb Jones, supporter of the Bonobo Female Empowerment Project—who just turned 90 years old! Go Bonobos in 2023! Read more prose & watch the shows: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-cop-orgy-royal Need to talk PRIVATELY? Experience #PhoneSexTherapy. Call the Therapists Without Borders of the Dr. Susan Block Institute anytime: 213.291.9497.

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