F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy 31st Wedding Anniversary Easter Resurrection

It’s Our 31st Wedding Anniversary! Join us as we begin our celebration of Three Decades +One Year of Lawfully Wedded Love, Lust & Bonobo Revolution with a couple of effervescent Senior Sex orgasms & a rollicking ride on FDR through the Tunnel of Love along The Bonobo Way. Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality! And speaking of joyful trips through your lover’s love tunnel, take a tip from your elders (Mickey Mouse & Minnie Me): Make Love FIRST if you want to Make Love LAST. That is, when celebrating a romantic milestone, try to have sex at the start of your big day, night or week, just in case—after a heavy meal or a little fight—it doesn’t work out for later. If it does, you can always do it again… & again! That’s how we roll down the Love Train tracks—from the collapsing Capitalocene to the Bonobocene of our wet dreams—all while getting ready for our Great 31st Anniversary RV Adventure up the Left Coast to parts unknown… Other subjects of scintillating conversation on this auspicious podcast: The Resurrection of Jesus & Return to His Heavenly Father vs. the Resurrection of Persephone & Return to Her Holy Earth Mother; Trumpty Dumpty Falls (pretty hard this time!) & Stormy Daniels Rises (she’s the only one in this torrid tale who’s been telling the truth all along); Balancing Lust with Trust (like Juggling 3 Balls, a Banana & a Sharp Knife); The Jesus-Dionysus Connection; Corrupt Couple of the Week: Ginni & Clarence Thomas; Ammosexual Incel Problems; Billionaire Harlan Crow’s “Nazi-Sexual” Problem; “Gun Safety” for Gun Nuts; The Cross & the Sword + Great New Novel “The Girl & the Sword” by Fellow Yalie Gerald Weaver; Mickey Mouse & Minnie Me vs. Meatball Ron DeSantis; YouTube Censorship; Religious Abuse; Judaism is NOT Zionism; Go Bonobos for the Tennessee Three; Why Priests are More Dangerous than Drag Queens (though Priests are kind of like Drag Queens); Steven Donziger vs. Chevron; Stop Cop City; Free Assange; Make Kink Not War; Support the Real Bonobos! +Lots more on this ride, as we continue to protest the murderous Megamachine, while celebrating long-term love & banging like bunnies… Read more prose & watch some awesome bacchanalian uncensored anniversary shows: https://drsusanblock.com/31st-wedding-anniversary

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