F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy A Midsummer Night’s Dreamy Speakeasy

We’re speaking easy at the Speakeasy this Midsummer night, or as easy as we can speak with corporate censorship silencing our dreams & messing with our minds, as we take on the issues of the day… It actually is “Midsummer” night as we broadcast live on our “Midsummer Night’s Dreamy Speakeasy,” with an Elizabethan hat tip to William Shakespeare… Midsummer is for lovers, so Capt’n Max & I kick it off with a June Honeymoon of senior sex, morning orgasms & love. All we need is mead! Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality!FDR stands for #FuckDaRich, but #EatTheRich is in thanks to Orcas who haven’t yet eaten rich people, but seem to be eating their yachts… Meanwhile, the Titan gobbled up 5 rich guys & imploded with a giant Belch of Death. Burt calls in to say how this ridiculously dangerous “submersible” was made of Radio Shack parts, run by a joystick & a Bluetooth. Titan’s CEO was determined to penetrate the impenetrable Titanic—like a dude determined to seduce a woman who’s rejecting him—AND named his damn company “Oceangate”— like he knew he’d soon go the way of Watergate, Gamergate & Heaven’s Gate. Tragically, as everyone searched for a few fat cats, 100s of migrants drowned like rats… RIP Daniel Ellsberg, the GOAT of “whistleblowers” & one of my heroes, from his courageous release of the Pentagon Papers, through his bombshell “Doomsday Machine” expose of a chilling reality not too far from Stanley Kubrick’s wild Dr. Strangelove, to his recent support for Julian Assange & many antiwar whistleblower causes… Another Kubrick film, “Eyes Wide Shut,” a midsummer night’s cinematic wet dream that’s really a critique of capitalism, comes up as we talk about Hunter Biden, recently outed for ass-grabbing (Trump’s not the only one, but Hunter’s not running for Prez) at SNCTM (a sex club modeled on Eyes Wide Shut), by SNCTM founder Damon Lawner who was then kicked out of his own club for outing Biden! As a sex therapist, I understand confidentiality is key… & it makes me wonder, what kind of “group therapy” goes on at SNCTM? We also discuss Putin almost getting toppled (or did he?) by Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin at the stroke of Midsummer, creating a media-induced frenzy of confusion; just stop this war & all Perma War! Wonder if Trumpty Dumpty would hide Putin in the shitter with the secret docs if Prigozhin’s putsch comes to shove… On the lighter—& saltier—side, Rich calls in to extoll my Birthday Bacchanal & inquire about the history of Bonoboville Communion & Waterboarding, The Bonobo Way with Agwa, +Tequila Toe Shots & Shrimping Cocktails! Shardoll calls in to let me know I’m so “hot” I’d “rock a bikini,” even though—or because—I’m a Cougar… Then “Plumpy Chunks” asks I’ve ever “partied” with Alisha Klass & yes I have(!)—along with her then BF Seymore Butts… Shardoll asks about bonobos & The Bonobo Way, whereupon I expound upon my favorite subject: the Make Love Not War Make Kink Not War great apes… Bonoboville is antiwar for many reasons, chief of which that war kills people and ruins the earth, but also the expense, the latest insane example being Pentagon garbage cans costing over $51K each—way to throw our tax money into the trash! Happy belated Juneteenth, America’s most profound celebration of reality-based freedom, commemorating the hard-fought, long-overdue freeing of some 250,000 slaves that built this great nation on real estate stolen from the Natives, whose descendants are still discriminated against in this supposed land of the “free”—which brings us to “freedom”—Free Love Free Speech & the costs of freedom. Freedom isn’t free, & in the Capitalocene, it costs more & more… Meanwhile, the City of Arcadia continues to harass us with “Mattress Madness,” but we are standing up for our rights (& yours) in Court this Friday, AND I am still banned on Facebook, IG & YouTube! Sign the petition to restore my accounts: https://www.change.org/p/restore-susan-m-block-s-facebook-and-instagram-accounts !

Until we meet again, Happy Midsummer Night’s Dreamy Trails to you, from the Capitalocene to the Bonobocene through the Tunnel of Love… Read more prose & see the uncensored shows: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-midsummer

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