F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy Bonobo Summer Solstice

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

It’s Summer Solstice, and we’re crossing our fingers (but not our legs) for a Bonobo Summer of Love… though we’re bracing for a Summer of Fear. Everyone has their own way of handling the fear. Capt’n Max gets stoned. Which makes this FDR an interesting communications challenge, but it’s also kind of cool and a LOT better than toting your “Man Card” AR-15 to the local mall or town hall, which is how more and more of our fellow Americans—at least the ammosexual ones—are handling the fear.

It’s also the 157th anniversary of Juneteenth, commemorating the freeing of the slaves that built this nation on land stolen from the Natives. We compare America’s brazen property heist with Israel’s Palestinian land grab, and Putin’s war on Ukraine with American mass murders. It’s uncanny how much violence is perpetrated by frustrated and humiliated (but not in a good way) men who need bonobo liberation and sex education… not easy access to guns, let alone “tactical” nuclear weapons.

Why can’t we be more bonobo?

We also talk about how Americans are getting progressively less religious, as our leaders get regressively more religious (religion being the handmaid of tyranny); regular porn (which can be bad) vs. gun porn (which is always horrible); Abby Martin’s galvanizing Peoples Summit speech; the kooky 1/6 Coup-Anon hearings; and how to free yourself—and maybe the world—the Bonobo Way.

Congrats “Go Boy” on Youtube who wins “top commenter” of the night!
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