F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy Freedom & Restraint

Just a few fireworks & a hot dog away into America’s 247th birthday week, Max & I engage in a little 4th of July foreplay on F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) Radio, commemorating America’s freedom from the Madness of King George & also celebrating sexual freedom—even if that means being free to be restrained, chained & whipped like a slave—as fantasy roleplay (with enthusiastic consent only, of course) & meditating on how maintaining the actual slavery system was one profit-driven reason for our much glorified American Revolution against the British who wanted to free the slaves–& actually did in 1807 (Critical Race Theory, anyone?). It’s a mixed bag, this great country of ours, & there’s a lot to criticize, but much to celebrate, & we do. Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality! Let Freedom Reign! “Freedom is the greatest aphrodisiac, but restraint is a close second,” I always say as I call for restraining violence, but defending Free Speech, which includes freedom to speak (that’s why we call this show “Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy”) about issues that aren’t so easy to speak about. Unfortunately, my channels & many other voices are now nonconsensually restrained, my personal accounts banned on FB, IG & YT, thanks to AI (Artificial Ignorance).. So, I’m grateful for support like Rhiannon’s petition to “Restore Susan M Block’s Facebook & Instagram Accounts” & GasMaskGirl’s tweet to YouTube to restore my channel Then SUZY award winner Chris G calls in on Callin with another great speech in support of Free Speech. Joe calls in for Universal Health Care, & Shardoll wonders why a strong woman (like myself perhaps) sounds like a Dominatrix (sounds like Shardoll wants to be restrained by a FemDom). He also wants dating tips, so I suggest watching fireworks (though not ecologically friendly or safe) which can be foreplay for explosive sex later. Pro-Tip: “Don’t set off fireworks while holding them in your hand, or you could lose your fingers—& how are you going to finger someone with no fingers?” But it makes a hot date: Orgasms for the Eyes on the 4th of July. Wonder if Shardoll will takes my advice… After all, I’ve been nominated by the Urban X Awards for “Most Popular Sex Educator”… Fellow Urban X Awards nominees include Sinnamon Love (a great guest on The Dr. Susan Block Show), Glamazon Tyomi, Jet-Setting Jasmine, Pegstress, Madame Carmen, Jessica Drake & Ericka Hart… In these trying times of rising sex education censorship, banning books, defunding Kinsey & firing sex educators just for doing their jobs, it’s a delight to share nomination honors with such a great group. Thank you, Urban X Awards, for honoring our sex educational work & play. Vote for me here: https://urbanxvoting.com/voting/voting-9/ … And speaking of sex education, RIP “Talk Sex” host Sue Johanson, who just passed away at 93, proving that sex-ed helps you live to a ripe old age. Meanwhile, France is on fire, though between the censorship & fake news, it’s hard to tell what’s really happening. We support protests against the police murder of Nahel Merzouk (a French teen of Algerian descent) & brutal colonial history of France in Algeria, but we decry the incendiary violence. Some Good News: Our Vice TV documentary featuring our Bonoboville Reunion premiers July 18. Thank you for freeing Vice from bankruptcy, George Soros. Speaking of freedom, Free Assange! Censorship is one kind of nonconsensual restraint, but it is mild compared to the horrendous torture & incarceration that Julian Assange has endured. Anyone who values “freedom,” should fight for freedom for Julian Assange, one of the greatest freedom fighters of our times – a great defender of the American idea of freedom – & not even American(!) Go Bonobos for a great holiday! Read more prose & see the uncensored shows: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-freedom-restraint
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