F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy Go Bonobos in 2024 on FDR

Riding FDR into a brand New Year with a Happy Nude Rear, Capt’n Max & I resolve to “Go Bonobos in 2024,” but our Peace Train turns into a Bullet Train in the Tunnel of Love, as we dodge the bullets & wily booby traps, finally coming out of the tunnel to Make Love Not War in 2024. Perhaps our bumpy ride portends a rough year ahead. Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & S3xuality! Even before we start, I hesitate to hop aboard, being a little under the weather, plus we’re short-staffed, still holidazed & shell shocked by the war p0rrn from Gaza under Zionist bombardment with U.S. bombs. But we have surprise in-studio guests, 7x “Most Bonobo Couple” SUZY Awards winners Daniele Watts, aka DaLove, & Chef BeLive, aka BeLove, stars of our Bonoboville Reunion on VICE TV (now 300,000+ views!) & much more. So, we gather ‘round the Speakeasy bar speaking about the “unspeakable” with gracious-as-always BeLove & da-light-ful DaLove slipping into her usual position of contrarian (maybe a bit more contrary than usual), calling Bonoboville a “family” though we prefer “community” – which has less baggage, but DaLove is determined to “unpack a little of that” with poetic flair – flinging baggage throughout the Train, almost pulling down the luggage rack! Braving the turbulence, we pick up p0rrn star Hamilton Steele, with tales of F*cking Da Rich HotWives of Cuckold Millionaires, & Christopher C. Gagliardi, 9x SUZY Award winner of “Most Bonobo Graduate,” resolving to be a “voice for change” for the “autistic spectrum community” & to spread humanism in 2024. We also explore the joys of amputee sex prompting a Callin’er to say, “my penis cannot compete with a leg stump.” Putting the brakes on one of DaLove’s attemps at derailment, I flog her half-HappyNudeRear & BeLove spanks it. We love awe-some BeLove & DaLove, but we don’t buy DaLove’s actorly “radical empathy” for narcissists like Trumpty Dumpty & war criminals like Netanyahu. We don’t want to empathize with Benny Net Nut! We’re also out of time – just as DaLove has more to say – but I sign off with a plea for the world (including ourselves) to Go Bonobos in 2024 & Make Kink Not War. Want more? Read my show journal: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-go-bonobos-2024
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