F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy Kinsey Defunded, Perma Wars Mega-Funded & Pleasure Monáe

Kinsey defunded as Perma War is super-funded? So, there’s no cash for the sexology that heals, but billions for the war machine(s) that kill—abroad & at home. Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality! Founded by Dr. Alfred Kinsey whose Kinsey Reports helped stimulate the Sexual Revolution, the Kinsey Institute of human sexuality and relationships research is peerless. As fellow sexologists, we support Kinsey’s government funding, though its corporate financing will make up for the state’s shortfall. However, it just shows the Neo-Puritan Crusade against sex education is in full swing. Neither FDR (F*ck Da Rich) radio nor the Dr Susan Block Institute are funded by any government nor corporate entity – just by our Phone Sex Therapy services which YOU can access! Just call 213-291-9497 anytime. Since we’re not corporate nor government-funded, we can “speak easy” in our Speakeasy about sex & politics in ways you won’t hear anywhere else. On this broadcast, David aka “Hybrid Bonobo,” utilizes this opportunity to make Confession to his Mother Confessor (Me) & though it’s not real therapy (that’s private), it IS therapeutic & healing for him to reveal a taboo pleasure he’s kept secret all his life. Speaking of PLEASURE, we love it. Not that awful sex-negative “Pleasure” movie – oh no! But Janelle Monáe’s very sex positive “Age of Pleasure” album’s “Lipstick Lover” is sensational & just in time for Masturbation Month! BUT (not butt) YouTube (not Janelle Monáe) is hypocritical for censoring me for showing less than JM because, apparently, a lot of Cash Monáe can buy you Free Speech. We also discuss the Patriot Front, a bunch of Ammosexual Incels cosplaying as “Clockwork Orange” Droogs. And we congratulate courageous E. Jean Carroll for making Trumpty Dumpty Fall off his Wall—to the tune of $5 million! AND we get set for “Deep Throat”—the iconic & very controversial porn film, part of the Sexual Revolution, Cinema History & Watergate, which is commemorating its 50th anniversary with a West Coast tour featuring director Gerard Damiano’s adult children, a director’s cut 5k restoration & ME moderating the post-screening panel. Be there & Be Bonobo for a better world for all. Check out more Pro-Bonobo prose & DrSuzy-Tv shows: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-kinsey
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Last Updated: May 16, 2023(Share)