F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy Spanking the News

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

With the “Show Me” State of Missouri now in a “Spank Me” State of Misery—bringing corporal punishment, aka beating children, back to public schools (!), we feel it’s a good time (once again) to differentiate “erotic spanking” or impact play—which is a great form of recreational kink for consenting adults—from punitive spanking or paddling, which is a terrible way to “discipline” children. Nevertheless, school districts in the Great States of MO, TX, LA & more are once again spanking children who “misbehave.” This, even as they ban books, dumbing down the next generation from top to tush. Not everyone on the Love Train agrees with Capt’n Max & Me that spanking kids is wrong (such a divisive issue!), but we resolve our conflict in a Bonobo Way when I give our Birthday Gal Ana—a consenting adult—a celebratory Birthday Spanking right on the air. Joining us in Twitter Spaces, Chris G from NJ celebrates his graduation, spreading The Bonobo Way of Peace Through Pleasure, and riding our F.D.R. “rocket” into the wonders of space (outer and inner)! We also talk student loan forgiveness (the GQP doesn’t like it because they want #BodiesBodiesBodies and for YOU to be so poor you have to join their military); “The Beauties & Bautista” live from the Soul of Old DTLA; Jeff St. Claire & Jean-Jacques Rousseau on spanking; how we can get Biden to Free Assange and why we’re not sorry to see Liz Cheney go—even though she tried to take down tRump. So do we! And here we are, spanking and trying to beat Trump again and again—in words and pictures—as the FBI, the DOJ, the State of NY and even FOX-TV take turns spanking Trumpty Dumpty who will soon—hopefully, finally—have a great fall. Crrrrack!

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Last Updated: November 22, 2022(Share)