F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy The SUZY Awards 2023

Drum roll please... It’s the SUZY Awards!  Who won “Most Bonobo”?  How about “Hottest Cougar”? Who won the “Bonobo Courage” award? Who is the “Mozart of Sex”? Did YOU win a SUZY award or did you get the Block Curse Boobie Prize for your War Crimes or Assholery? Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality!  Whether or not you got what you wanted this holiday season, get ready for Capt’n Max & I to slide down your chimney with gifts (SUZY awards!) if you’ve been sex-positive, & coal in your stocking if you’ve been a war criminal. That’s the boobie prize—& we don’t mean Jingle Jugs. Honoring excellence in broadcast artistry & exhibitionism, erotic performance, antiwar politics, pro-sex activism & Weapons of Mass Seduction, celebrating The Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure in all kinds of weather, for the 12th consecutive year…well before XBIZ, the AVNs, the TEAs, the Oscars, Critics Choice, the Grammys, the Tonys, the Emmys, the BAFTAs, NAACP, XRCO, SAG, MTV awards or the Golden Globes trot out their awards, we are here to acknowledge the best & worst of 2023 with the DrSusanBlock.tv Awards, a.k.a., “The SUZYS.”  It’s our 12th annual hot listicle of sexperts, sexpots, politicos, artists, exhibitionists, visionaries, revolutionaries, hot babes, bitches, a few bad bastards and several war criminals who should be in prison but probably the worst that’ll happen to them is this boobie prize. All have appeared, been mentioned or parodied, immortalized, honored for greatness or exposed for evil on FDR and/or DrSuzy.Tv Go Bonobos! Listen to the show & check The List: https://drsusanblock.com/awards2023
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