F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy tRump Indicted, “Pleasure Politix,” an UnZionist Passover

Trumpty Dumpty has fallen (again) and maybe THIS time, all his cult’s Handmaids and MAGAt Men can’t put this Mango McMuffin back together again.  Yes, the “Anointed One” is now the Indicted One.  And no, it’s not a Witch Hunt.  It’s a "Pussy Ass Bitch" Hunt (with a hat tip to “Filthy Mouthed Wife” Chrissy Teigen). Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality!  Shoutout to Cyrus Vance Jr., esteemed member of my Yale class, who started up the Stormy Daniels case that Alvin Bragg is now running. “The Goal is the Journey,” as always, but as Stormy supporters since 2017—and tRump Resisters since the 1980s—we’re hoping for a Happy Ending… On this FDR, we also review the 2021 film "Pleasure"—which was NOT a pleasure, to say the least (even though our porn biz friends Axel Braun, Dana DeArmond, Tee Reel and Mark Spiegler are great in it). In fact, it is a grossly violent, misleadingly horrific portrayal of the porn industry.  Listen to our review, and don’t see it; or at least, be forewarned it is NOT a date night movie!. Meanwhile in Censorship News: my YouTube channel is still terminated. Twitter is shadow-banning words of all kinds, as corporate social media censorship rises and our pro-bonobo freedoms go into free fall.  Good News: China just made peace between Saudi Arabia & Iran. Now let’s make peace with China! Also, our Vice special featuring our Bonoboville Reunion is coming soon.  So is 1973 porn phenomenon Deep Throat (want to sponsor an LA screening? Call Max: 626-461-5950)… In Obituary News: We bid a sad RIP to three friends: Max Hardcore, Goddess Phoenix Steele and Papi, aka David Harold Hunt. And we bid you happy Spring Holidays! Ramadan Mubarak! Happy (early) Easter! Pesach Sameach (Happy Passover)! “Kdot Hussein” calls in and, though he’s kind of religiously opposed to my belief that happy bonoboësque cuckolds make for a more peaceful world, he does agree with me that Zionist Israel’s oppression of Palestinians has got to stop, and we bond over Hebrew prayers and My Midrash on the origins of Matzah (hint: it has more to do with running from medieval European pogroms than ancient Egyptian pharaohs). For my Christian friends, I explain, matzah is similar to the wafer, the Body of Christ without the Christ, with the divine ability, when broken, to create infinite crumbs all over your table, your clothes and probably your bed. So have some matzah and remember it’s a mitzvah (good deed) to have sex on Passover. Though most rabbis say the sex mitzvah is only for “husband and wife,"  I, Rabbi Dr. Susan bin Block  say it’s okay as long as it’s between enthusiastically consenting adults (or just yourself)—but don’t mix the sex mitzvah with the passover matzah, or you’ll wind up with crumbs in your holiest of holes. For more prose & uncensored shows, go to https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-trump-passover-pleasure

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