F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy ViCE & ViRTUE

Our Vice views are climbing on a stairway of virtue – past 125,000 views! Virtue? Yes, my phone sex therapy practice, Bonobo Way philosophy & bacchanals, all explored on Vice has many virtues… Though SOME commenters deplore my “wickedness”with the absolute certainty of the deeply ignorant, incurious, erotophobic & Christofascist. Such is the Apocalyptic battleground between ViCE & ViRTUE currently being waged in “Dr. Suzy’s Phone Sex Therapy” on Vice TV’s comment section, our main topic of discussion on this rollicking ride with me, Capt’n Max, Bonoboville Reunion stars Danièle Watts & Chef BeLive +Fahim who fears for my safety when he sees the vivid threats to my life from the more virulent crusaders… Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality! Many of these crusaders are what Orwell called “Thought Police,” intent upon punishing people for their taboo thoughts, dreams & fantasies, bringing to mind an old Twilight Zone episode, “A Penny for Your Thoughts,” about a bank executive who can read people’s minds & mistakenly accuses a daydreaming co-worker of planning to rob the bank. “We do things without thinking about them at all,” he realizes. “And we think things without having the slightest intention of doing them”… Food for thought, eh? Having just seen Oppenheimer, Daniele wishes Oppy had experienced a bit of my Phone Sex Therapy. “If only Oppenheimer had found release in explosive orgasms rather than exploding atoms”… Brady just saw the Vice doc & gives it an A+: “That is one of the best Vice pieces ever…It’s a classic already… Bonoboville looks like Paradise on Earth. I’m very impressed actually… Ya’ll are the real deal. Ya’ll are making sex a less toxic, more positive thing for everyone on planet earth”… Amen & Awomen! In our RIP corner, we bid farewell to “The Fantasticks” writer Tom Jones… At age 16, I played “The Girl” (Luisa) in a camp production of this longest running musical of all time (1960 – 2002). And just in case you don’t know, I’ve been nominated for the 2023 Urban X Award for “Most Popular Sex Educator.” And Max & I will attend the Urban X Awards at the Globe Theater in DTLA Sunday. Come one, come all or just come. Unless you’re one of our threatening Vice trolls, in which case, please don’t come! Just stay home & masturbate. It’s a virtue. Check out more of my prose & shows: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-vice-virtue
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