F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy The Great 31st Wedding Anniversary RV Adventure

Love, Lust, Trust & Going Bust on Wheels, my Charming Prince Max & my attempt to “celebrate” our 31st Wedding Anniversary with a “Great RV Adventure” turns into a big MISadventure. Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality! The best-laid plans may not get you laid the way you planned… & the flimsier your plans, the more likely they’ll fall through rather than come true. Of course, “the goal is the journey” & there were a few fabulous moments—& lots of love (always love)—on this ill-fated (& mostly unplanned) voyage from Bonoboville to nowhere & back. Hop on the Love Train & listen to the gory, glorious & hilarious details. Let’s just say, I’m glad abortion’s still legal in Cali, but an aborted anniversary celebration was not on my wish list. And I’m really glad that we followed our other motto, “Make Love First to Make Love Last” or we’d still be horny. Speaking of horns, Brady calls in as “Hannah” (doing Digital Drag) to discuss the different horned & horny reincarnations of Pan from the Church-demonized Satan to Baphomet revered by the Medieval Knights Templar to horny housewives to horny old goats–& then Kdot tries to get my goat—though the consensus is that I’m The G.O.A.T… Baaaah! Of course, we talk longterm love and marriage (great for us, but not for everybody & there’s nothing wrong with being single, poly, etc.) on this show as well as the mounting horrors of all the wars (at home in our streets & supermarkets) & abroad as the American War Machine fights on (though I’m starting to think Putin’s on Lockheed Martin’s payroll) + Why THEY Make Us CONSUME at the Company Store; What Makes a Great Threesome; How to Heal Performance Anxiety; Quentin Tarantino’s Erotophobic Foot Fetish; Vice TV’s “Sex Before the Internet” with me talking HBO’s “Real Sex”; Dating vs. Marriage; YouTube Still Censoring Me & Many Others; Make Kink Not War; Make Love Not War; Go Bonobos & Stop the Killing; Spread the Wealth; F*ck Da Rich; Eat The Rich; Be Bonobo & Follow The Bonobo Way of Female Empowerment, Male Well-Being, Sharing, Caring, Bonobo Conflict Resolution & Peace through Pleasure; from the Capitalocene to the Bonobocene… with a lot more Happy Endings! Read more prose & check out more DrSuzy.Tv shows: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-31st-anniversary-RV-adventure

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