F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): “After the Insurrection”

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Everyone is grappling with the “wild” fallout of the Capitol Trump Riots, and so are we. On our third radio episode of “F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): After the Insurrection,” Capt’n Max and I explore the issues surrounding tRump’s sedition and the Coup Attempt as we ride our magic train into the Great (and not so great) Unknown.

Plus we talk about sex!

Hop aboard and join us in the Speakeasy bar car for sapiosexual eargasms and political insights as we investigate the Siege of the MAGAts, QAnon’ers, White Power Incels, Neo-Nazis, “Daddy”-worshiping Proud Boys, Militia members, cultish ammosexuals, Cosplay “Patriots,” LARPing Confederates and raging Jokers—storming the “People’s House,” shouting “Stop the Steal,” “USA!” and “The President Sent Us,” in a vain attempt to violently stop the certification of electoral votes.

In related news, I clarify that I am NOT the Trump Insurrection-supporting, raving-mad MAGAt who bears my name, “Susan Block.” Quite the opposite! Fortunately her full name is “Susan Allan Block,” and mine is “Susan Marilyn Block”….though her brother-in-law (the family owns Block Communications, and the notoriously Trumpist Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade) was in my class at Yale (how embarrassing!).

We also discuss MAGAt Mary Miller of Illinois’ praise for Hitler, the dangerous-to-sex-workers and Freedom of Speech “Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act” (SISEA), and the origins of “Awomen” in the mid-1990s on The Dr. Susan Block Show. Plus we celebrate Stacey Abrams’ triumph in Georgia, in between drinks, tokes, moans of pleasure, peels of laughter, stories of sex, love, socialism and thoughts on why “The Rich” ought to surrender to getting “F*cked” nicely… or else they might get “eaten” ravenously.

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