FDR (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy Happy Thanksgiving & Slappy Spanksgiving 2022

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Season’s Beatings! On Thanksgiving, we give thanks, & on Spanksgiving, we give spanks. It’s Our Duty to Spank Booty on Spanksgiving. Historically, SPANKSgiving is more reality-based than THANKSgiving. Those musket-wielding Pilgrims were less likely to share food with the Wampanoag Natives than slaughter them, kickstarting the North American genocide. Thanks, but no thanksgiving.

But every day was SPANKSgiving among those sadistic Pilgrims & Puritans who administered frequent spankings, paddlings, whippings, “stocks & bonds,” tar & feathering, “public disgrace” & witch-hanging. Of course, these were nonconsensual atrocities, & we decry Neo-Puritan GQP efforts to bring them back (i.e., via corporal punishment in schools)! BUT consenting adults can enjoy Spanksgiving roleplay along with impact play, as Capt’n Max & I have a spanking good time exploring on this show. Later, I get stuffed from both ends, & I hope you do too!

We also spank 3 Turkeys in the News: 1) We tried to stick a fork in it in 2020, but the Trump Turkey is still squawking—& running—in 2024. Merrick, please put this gobbler in a cage! 2) Another juicy—& leaky—Turkey in the News is neo-Puritan Supreme Court Injustice Sam Alito (A-leak-o?); thanks to whistleblower Rev. Robert Schenck, we now have MORE proof that Alito leaked his own decisions—including Hobby Lobby & Dobbs—to Rightwing activists, Alito (A-leak-o?) leaks are now staining what’s left of the Court’s reputation with curdling Christofascist gravy. 3) Then there’s that Turkey of a Billionaire Elona Musky, aka Space Karen, aka Twitter-destroyer Elon Musk, currently setting our beloved Tweety-Bird ablaze like one of his defective Teslas bursting into the Flames of Hell.

Back to Thanksgiving, which can be a delicious reunion with those we love, but also tough to digest, stressful, hypocritical & downright nauseating, where we have to repress our real feelings for fear of triggering Uncle MAGAt’s Loser trauma which might trigger his finger on that AR-15 that he has a Second Amendment Right to bring to dinner. Well, we can always just stay home and choke our chickens instead of swallowing their turkey and taking their crap. Spank the Monkey! See why I give spanks… as well as thanks? Spanksgiving puts Thanksgiving into perspective. Bottoms up! Turn the whole plutocratic, ecocidal oligarchy upside down & spank its naughty behind. Too bad the NRA doesn’t profit from spanking paddle sales. Feast or fap, stuffed, spanked or spent, have a good one (& follow the Bonobo Way)!

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