F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy Summer Sex & Politics

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

As we choo-choo through the Tunnel of Love in the Heat of the Night, we try to enjoy a little hot Summer Sex and maintain a healthy, pro-sex attitude in our increasingly anti-sex, war-loving, gun-slinging, Christofascist and misogynistic culture.

Attempting to handle the mounting madness without inhaling recreational carcinogens, Capt’n Max ingests edibles and “bubbly” that cause the Love Train to turn into something more akin to the Yellow Submarine—at least for him. Me, I’m just riding along, humming a little French Revolutionary song. Ah oui, oui, oui… mes freres et mes soeurs… mes coquettes et mes baguettes… le Marquis de Sade et le Moulin Rouge… Bonne Fête Nationale du Joyeux Quatorze Juillet pour Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité! Ou comme nous disons dans l’anglais… “Happy Bastille Day!” Vive la France! Sainte bonne heure! It’s also Danièle Watts and Chef Be*Live’s 6th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary DaLove & Belive!

We compare the storming of the Bastille with the Sri Lanka people’s revolt, America’s scary clown Coup Anon and those folks outside Morton’s steakhouse peacefully protesting Supreme Injustice Brett Kavanaugh killing their abortion rights, causing him to miss dessert (Poor Baby! What was it Marie Antoinette was said to have quipped? “Let ‘em eat cake!”). Forced Breeding is a lot worse than being forced to forgo your crème brulee. Abort the Court!

Our Bonobo Summer of Love must be a Summer of Protest… and kink, the Bonobo Way. With kinky and dazzling Goddess Phoenix lighting up our message boards, we talk about why we need to Make Kink NOT War. Chris calls in from Alabama to report on how taking my excellent advice a couple years ago led to an excellent threesome… but now he wants to start a new Bonoboville in Alabama! Will he? Tune in for more..

Then there’s Delta DOWN. Hundreds of planes down. Joining the #MileHighClub appears to be another casualty of the #Capitalocene… Speaking of Climate Change, why don’t more working people seem to care? One reason is that capitalism forces us to be intensely competitive, cutting off our natural compassion for our fellow humans suffering from climate catastrophes now as well as in the future. This is one reason why students should serve on school boards (and some are running to serve!)—because climate change directly affects their future, and they care.

Certainly, a lot of us care passionately about the ongoing Judicial Coup, the Supreme clitorectomy that sliced off our power (and our pleasure), and we read some of the impassioned responses we received to “Forced Breeding” on F.D.R. and in Counterpunch. Lots more of the good, the bad, the awful and the eargasmic on F.D.R… Listen up!

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