F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy TRUMP NUKES… & Sustainable Sex

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Deal Makers and Dictators of the Global Marketplace: COME to Mar-A-Lardo for the Deal of the Millennium: Trump Nukes! Yes indeed, our Conman from Queens, aka “FPOTUS,” has hawked Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Vodka (Putin’s fave), Trump Wine (aka Trump Whining), Trump Airlines, Trump Casinos, the Trump Presiduncy (misspelling intended), all mega-failures and con-jobs. And now here’s the Trump thing to end all Trump things…and maybe all life on Earth: Trump Nukes!

No, not Trump Nudes (Putin has those). We’re talking (on this show) about the Top Secret Nuclear Documents uncovered in the Trump Raid, and whether or not—having pocketed $2 Billion in oil-soaked Saudi cash from his BFF, MBS (aka Mohammed Bone Saw) for his “private equity firm” —former First Son-in-Law Jared Kushner is the Mole.

We also talk Religious Fascism and the attack on Salmon Rushdie, freedom of expression and JK Rowling. Mid-show, a random caller turns out to be a poster boy for irreligious, antifascist, male-male, purely recreational and very sustainable sex: “Justin” calls in looking for phone love as he enjoys self-love. Speaking of dicks, we also learn that Kate’s nickname for the #PrinceofPegging is “Big Willie,” and we bid farewell to Jeffrey “Zoom Dick” Toobin (he should have called us for Phone Sex Therapy) now finally finishing–I mean leaving CNN.

I also share a bit of intriguing correspondence about bonobo female reproductive choice, alpha male reproduction, beta male recreational sex and the Bonobo Way of peace through shared non-reproductive pleasures with my favorite primatology couple, Dr. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, authors of Survival of the Friendliest (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-XrqSV9j5Q). Wow, talk about sustainable sex!

And of course, Capt’n Max and I celebrate the Trump Raid—just the tonic for toxic Post-Trump Sex Disorder!—with a little orgasmic sustainable sex of our own. Yes, it’s sustainable! The only Big Oil involved is a big jar of coconut oil.

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Last Updated: August 20, 2022(Share)