F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Juneteenth Summer Solstice Kink

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

It’s “A Midsummer Night’s WET Dream” (with apologies to the Bard) on board our little Love Train: Juneteenth, Summer Solstice (let’s strip down & have Sex on the Beach!), Father’s Day, Pride Month and I’m probably forgetting some holiday or other. We’ve been celebrating Juneteenth for over 20 years in Bonoboville—and we feature a special post-show Juneteenth throwback with Ikkor the Wolf, Mimosa, Phoenix, Frankito and Tahyira—but it’s now a national U.S. holiday, so we talk about the history (including Abe Lincoln’s Freemason flirtation) – with a shout-out to one of my childhood heroes, the beautiful, brilliant Black Pantheress, Angela Davis. Adriana calls in to talk about her early memories of family Juneteenths, her desire to learn more about it and her fear that such learning will be censored. Disturbingly but not surprisingly, we are verbally assaulted by racist ammosexual Juneteenth-hating trolls on Youtube! We weather that snowflake storm—including a snide reference to “The Jewish Question”—and talk about the backlash to learning American and world history. That takes us back to the Freemasons (with a hat tip to Robbie Martin’s research) and Capt’n Max’s Masonic Dad, Pr. Peter Francis Leblovic von Lobkowicz. Incidentally, not all ammosexuals are bigots (and vice versa). We also run into a gang of LGBTQ gun nuts. Listen to the story of our weird Queer Ammosexual Twitter Firefight, and how Jim Jeffries and the Bonobo Way saved the day… 

And we support Manhattan City Council Candidate Zack Weiner (no relation to Anthony Weiner… at least we hope not), whose answer to being “outed” as a BDSM-loving kinkster in a video (that shows him wearing clothespins on his nipples, a blindfold, a gag and not much else) is refreshingly shameless and kink-positive. We don’t know much about his politics, but we love Zack’s attitude to consensual kink. It was wrong for his cohorts to out him, but his response is great. Amen and Awomen to honesty!

Read the journal and watch the hot videos we can’t show you on Youtube: https://drsusanblock .com/fdr-juneteenth-solstice-kink

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