F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Krampus Hanukkah Arcadia Erotica @DrSuzy

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Fires of desire light up the confluence of Krampus, Hanukkah and Bonoboville erotica among the Churches of Arcadia! The Miracle of Hanukkah is the Everlasting Light that had just enough oil to burn 24 hours, yet miraculously lasted 8 days, giving the Maccabees time to defeat their so-called “enemies” and get fresh oil. So, we light 8 candles (plus one for good luck) and give gifts for 8 days to placate Jewish kids jealous of their Christian friends’ Xmas trees. But the fundamentalist, militaristic Maccabees were the Taliban of their times, and though they won that battle and replenished the oil, they soon lost the war AND the Temple.

All Things Must Pass, Brothers and Sisters of the Church of the Bonobo Way, including these Hanukkah candles. Over the years, we didn’t just light the candles; we also dripped melting wax onto bared buns, breasts and other body parts at big bacchanalian Hot-Wax Hanukkah party shows, including this week’s throwback, Squirting Hot Wax Hanukkah (2018) featuring the miracle of female “Holy Water” as well as hot wax. No orgies for Hanukkah 2021; just riding with Capt’n Max through our candlelit Tunnel of Love, foreplay for big fiery orgasms, a “mitzvah” (good deed) to share on Hanukkah. The red candle is our light for Palestine, shedding light upon the struggles of the Palestinian people, displaced in their own lands by over-zealous Maccabean Israelis.

It’s also Krampusnacht, when Krampus, the hornèd horny dark side of Santa, wreaks hornèd horny havoc on the “naughty.” Krampus resembles Pan, Greek God of the Wild who lends his horns, hooves, long tongue and tail to the Christian Satan and his name to the Latin classification for bonobos, Pan paniscus. But Krampus is a BAD Pan, and Krampus’ horrid, haunting incarnation is the demonic Loser-in-Chief who refuses to lose, Tyrannosaurus Narcissist, Krampus Trumpus Rumpus. It’s not just the Trumpus himself, though the Insurrection Anti-Santa is bad enough; it’s also Trumpism, aka Fascism with an American swagger, QAnonsense and the deadly ammosexual bent embodied by young Killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and even younger super-killer Ethan Crumbley and his crumbling Crumbley family values. What an American travesty that Killer Kyle roams free, inspiring fresh killers, while the Exposer of Killers, Julian Assange, remains in prison. FREE ASSANGE!

Our personal Krampus Monster is currently a certain perversely obsessed Arcadia zoning inspector who is discriminating against us, having harassed, raided, manhandled, grossly misunderstood and traumatized our staff. We are fighting the power!

Meanwhile, more sex, politics and the Bonobo Way for the Holydaze. Merry Xmas! Peace on earth, pleasure for all, and many happy orgasms!

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