F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Masturbation Cowgirl

All Aboard the Self-Love Train, straddled like a Sybian by the Solo-Sex Cowgirl. Merry Masturbation Month, all you Fappers and 21st Century Flappers roaring into the new Roaring 20s, when soon we’ll be back into orgies and cuddle puddles. But in these in-between times (is she or isn’t she… vaccinated?), self-pleasure is the safest way to go, and if you need a hand (mentally), listen to these sapiosexual “confessions” of orgasmic discovery as hog-floggers and muffin-buffers confess to me, their Mmmm Month “Mother Confessor,” which is fitting since it’s also Mother’s Day which in Bonoboville is also MiLF Day.

Joining us in the Confession Booth is real-life MILF/MFA Rhiannon Aarons, plus several other DrSuzy.Tv alumni. Gorgeous porn star Ana Foxxx confesses her complex relationship with sex toys, especially Love Dolls, and tells the tale of her first self-love experience… with a doorknob! Exquisite erotic entertainer Natassia Dreams describes the intense orgasm she had with a sex toy that really hit her P-spot. Oooh la la! We also hear Jonny Menton’s tale of being accused by his British boarding school Master (bator?) of “masturbation proselytizing” (he was doing no such thing)—all of which sounds kinky and traumatizing, and really hits home for me since, as a self-love-positive sexologist, I really do practice “masturbation proselytizing.”

Toys are great, but some people (and children!) see guns as toys. What if we made sex toys more acceptable and guns less acceptable? We’d all be happier, more satisfied and a lot less likely to die. A Redditor reports they caught their boss doing it with a rotisserie chicken! Gross, but not as bad as a mass shooting. We also get into Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl and how not to bust his Bronco. And we gossip about Bill and Melinda Gates calling it quits after 27 years. How can we not? Though we don’t even know about the salacious Epstein speculations. We’re just always rooting for long-term love. We do have a soft spot for Bill because he says, if he were a nonhuman animal, he’d be a bonobo. How about donating a billion or two to help save your bonobo cousins from extinction, Bill?

The post-show throwback, “Masturbation Exploration,” is phenomenal, featuring Amor Hilton, Odette Delacroix and Penny Jean riding the Sybian like Kinky Cowgirls on a big bucking bronco that never breaks.

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