F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Naughty November 2021

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Navigating between the nice and nasty parts of Naughty November in the wild worlds of sex, politics and bonobos, F.D.R. rolls merrily down the tracks, through the Tunnel of Love and into the Great and Quivering Unknown… High (and low) points include:

–MAGAt Insurrection Fist-Pump Dude Josh Hawley is pumping his little fist at feminism(!) for driving “manly,” ammosexual men to porn and video games; so we attack him back, which is easy, because Naughty Hawley’s such a posturing sissy (with apologies to sissies), though his misogynistic, anti-porn fascism is not funny at all. This sparks a naughty chat about Nudist Magazines and the Venus of Willendorf.
–Joining the anti-porn brigade from the opposing flank, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jada Pinkett-Smith say “porn is harmful to women.” Not only do they harm sex workers, but what rank hypocrisy coming from Princess Paltrow, born-into-Hollywood-privilege, who’s made movies where women are viciously murdered, and Pinkett-Smith, whose tales of her active sex life are click-bait porn. 
–Christo-fascist, QAnonsense-spewing General Michael Flynn, proclaimed that “one nation under God” really means “one religion under God,” and we all know which “one religion” Flynn means: the so-called Christian one where the cross is a sword, and Jesus open-carries an AR-15. 
–Stop calling Travis Scott’s Astroworld horror “Satanic”!  If anything, it was Kardashianic. And Kylie-Jenneric. Don’t drag Satan—the Church’s *evil* depiction of the great horny, horned, Greco-Roman goat god Pan, Lord of the Wild and patron saint of bonobos (pan paniscus)—into that awful, human-error-riddled tragedy. 
–Dave M., who thanked the Therapists Without Borders of the Dr. Susan Block Institute for “saving [his] life” last Saturday, how his other therapists have erroneously labeled his “hypersexuality,” aka sex addiction (NOT a valid DSM diagnosis). Dave fantasizes that Max and I emerge from Superman’s Bizarro World to wage guerrilla war without weapons against anti-sex capitalism, saying “important dangerous things,” though (he imagines) we are “unattackable”… which is the most Bizarro part, since we’re constantly being attacked.

–Britney is FREE—yay! Finally, she can get married and do what the f*ck she wants. Now FREE ASSANGE! At least Belmarsh prison gave him permission to marry his partner Stella Moris, the mother of his two sons, at the prison. Yay! We may be Bizarro, but we love marriage… for people who want to get married.

–The new Dune remake is a beautiful bore (I wanted more worms!), but it’s nice to know that we are all welcome to have public sex in the Spanish Canary Island dunes. Just please don’t leave your used condoms in the sand. Speaking of sand, we are sinking into Capitalogenic quicksand, going down deeper and faster every day, mentally (peeps be going nuts), physically (the nuts be killing the rest of us) and in terms of climate change. The sands of time are pouring in on us, but we’re too busy staring worshipfully at celebrities like Kylie to hear truthtellers like Greta. Of course, that’s the way the billionaires like us to be.
–Some commenters express support for our struggle with the City of Arcadia inspector and disdain for their continuing harassment of Bonoboville. What a travesty of zoning justice! What Mattress Madness! More developments developing soon…

Happy Friendsgiving and have a nice (not too nasty) Naughty November. Read more prose and watch the shows (that are too kinky for Youtube): https://drsusanblock .com/fdr-naughty-november

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