F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): PULLING OUT in Love & War

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Traveling through soaring heat, flooding subways and the surging variants of Climate Change, I just make it onto the Love Train as it’s pulling out of the station, and as it happens, PULLING OUT—in love and war—is our theme for this wild ride. 

As birth control, pulling out is a risky, but if the condom breaks, it can be just what you need. Also, pulling out is the preferred way to male climax in porn; how else can you see the “money shot”? As for relationships, lots of people who fall in lust later discover they’re not compatible, and then it’s best to pull out.

When it comes to war—specifically the U.S. “perma-war” in Afghanistan—pulling out is just what we need. Moreover, it’s what Afghanistan needs, so F.D.R. is celebrating!  But pulling out takes discipline. Even then, it’s messy. The Taliban are awful, but endless occupation is worse. Maybe if nobody invades their country for a while, Afghanistan will return to peace. Meanwhile, the U.S. should provide a way for our Afghan allies, translators, etc. (especially women) to escape the almost inevitable civil war and/or wrath of the Taliban. 

On this show, I talk about my personal connection to Afghanistan, having traveled through Kabul, smoked the world’s best hashish in Mazar-I-Shariff, climbed to the top of the Bamian Buddha and ridden horseback around Lake Band-I-Amir. Later, I even had sex on a horse (not WITH the horse—ON the horse, with my equestrian lover behind me) and more eargasmic tales of orgasmic adventure. 

Capt’n Max, Unscene Abe and I also compare torture in the NXIVM sex cult with Guantánamo and in Dubya’s old fraternity, and reminisce about “ART BOMBS: American Libertines for Peace” (held between the White House Frat House bombing Afghanistan and Iraq), our art show at El Teatro in Cannes, France. 

Speaking of France… Happy Bastille Day! Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!  Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!  Don’t miss our amazing bacchanalian, baguette-spanking-hot, after-show throwback celebrating the Storming of the Bastille and the French Republic’s birthday with a touch of ooh-la-la, “Bastille Day Burlesque” in Bonoboville. 

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Last Updated: May 3, 2022(Share)