F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): @DrSuzy Sex, Fascism & the Bonobo Way

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

We use the #Fword a lot on this #FDR (#FuckDaRich), but not the fun one. #FASCISM is on the March (#Fascismo In Marcia!) American Fascism isn’t like fascism in Italy, Germany or Japan, so some say “it can’t happen here,” but it can & it IS. With a civilian “army” of racist religious fanatics, corrupt police, & #ammosexual shooters at the bottom, power-mad #ForcedBreeding-fetishizing Supreme Injustices at the top & unscrupulous politicians on-the-take in the middle, #neofascism is a growing menace to our society, #sexuality, democracy & future on Earth. It’s depressing, & I almost called this show “Sex, Depression & The Bonobo Way” , but #depression sounds too depressing; “fascism” sounds sexier—that’s how f’ed up it is. All those hot sexy uniforms & lethal phallic weapons. Of course, those tRump out-of-shape #Christofascist assclowns aren’t sexy with the BBQ stains on their “Let’s go Brandon” T’s.. Not even cumstains for these winners. But these losers they lie & cheat & their corporate billionaire sponsors steal our money. We also talk about Covid (it’s baaack!), Israel’s apartheid, Elon Musk vs. Errol Musk (who’s worse?), Hot #SeniorSex (at least we have that!) & how vital it is to #PROTEST the Supreme Wrongs of these Injustices (check us out at #Yale’s Anti-Supreme Court demonstration, focusing on infamous alumnus #BrettKavanaugh). It’s all so disturbing. but we cheer up by gazing at the galaxies – Thx Webb Telescope! – AND our amazing orgiastic #antifascist #BonobovilleReunion #Classof2022 with VICE TV, in the little #LoveChurch of #TheBonoboWay, bc the best antidote to this creeping—& very creepy—American #Christofascism is to #GoBonobo & follow the #Bonobo Way of peace thru pleasure, #ecosexuality female empowerment, male well-being & sharing everything!

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