F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Sex, Sleazy Cops, Republican Brains & the Great Unvaxxed

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

This show wins a Reddit’s “Party Train” award, which is fitting as we love to “Party Like Bonobos.” Though we aren’t throwing our famous bacchanals these Coronapocalyptic days, we still have love—for each other and for you, my darling listener. But this week’s Love Train is a Runaway Train, partly because I want to run away from the horrors of modern life, climate catastrophe, resurgent Coronapocalypse, massive economic inequity, eviction crisis, tightening sexual repression, looming specters of fascism and the deadly domestic war games of my fellow ammosexual Americans, some of whom are the police. It’s also partly because “Runaway Train” is a great old Soul Asylum song that actually helped some people find their way home.

Of course, we can’t run away from our problems, but the goal is the journey on the Runaway Party Love Train.

Brothers & Sisters, Vaxxed or Unvaxxed, all are welcome aboard (it’s just a virtual train). Though it wasn’t part of our plan, “To Vax or Not to Vax?” evolves into a central question of this ride, with two callers on utterly opposite sides.  It’s the Vaxxed vs. the Great Unvaxxed (kind of like The Great Unwashed) on F.D.R. Capt’n Max and I are vaxxed (we’re not dumb), but we are willing to listen and try to understand.

In a related effort to understand (okay, and also laugh at) our fellow looney Americans, we dissect the “Republican Brain”—and brains, since some are raving ammosexual MAGAts, and a few are old-school (also ammosexual)—recalling our amazing  show, Sex & the Republican Brain, which happens to be this week’s throwback bacchanal with Republican Brain author Chris Mooney, as well as a bunch of fabulous porn stars, kinksters and fetishists, plus the “Orson Wells of Fetish Filmmaking,” Michael Simmons, who is inspired to call in to this show. While he’s very pro-vaccine, another old friend, Kristen Rocks, calls to say why he’s not “anti-vax,” but he won’t get vaxxed. And here we all are in the Anti-Vaccination Nation. See why I want to hop a Runaway Train?

We also talk about our recent unconstitutional keystone-cops-ish police raid and our plans to sue!

Watch the illuminating and orgiastic “Sex & the Republican Brain” show (along with other videos we can’t show you on Youtube), and read all about the sleazy police raid: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-vax

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Last Updated: May 3, 2022(Share)