F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Sticky Situations

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Rolling through mid-Masturbation Month 2021 on the Self-Love Train, the virtual DrSuzy.Tv reunion keeps on strumming along with Capt’n Max, Unscene Abe, Mariah, the Bonoboville Crew and SUZY-award-winning Clubhouse moderator, MILF/MFA Rhiannon Aarons going loco-motive, and the seats get sticky when “Sticky: A Self-Love Story” filmmaker Nicholas Tana hops aboard for some sapiosexual masturbation liberation and sex-education conversation, eargasmic revelation and good vibrations. Plus we talk about his new Dr. Joycelyn Elders film, “Firing the Surgeon General.” Also hopping on the Self-Love Train is Hollywood’s sexiest socialite Amor Hilton, aka “Baby Block” (no, I’m not her real Mom; it’s just roleplay), though she’s actually doing more “Boom Boom” in the Womb Room (and backdoor) with tattoo artist Eric Wurx, than wanking. Amen and Awomen, Brothers and Sisters: Amor is in Amor!

Mid-show, I take a break from the Mmmm Month merriment to get serious about Israel’s shameful ongoing occupation, compounded by its recent war crimes in Palestine, all financed and supported by our own U.S.A. Sorry if that breaks your stroke stride, but sometimes you—and in this case I—have to speak out against atrocities, so I do!

We also touch upon Gates-Gate which, though Bill Gates identifies as “bonobo,” isn’t exactly a turn-on either. However, it’s a good excuse to sing “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Then we get back to sharing sensual solo-sex confessions, eargasmic self-pleasure tips and good vibrations… But still, gotta say:

MASTURBATION NOT OCCUPATION… even in Sticky Situations!

Our Post-show throwback is “Masturbation Liberation” featuring a dazzling cast of characters, including Lotus Lain, who confesses her delightful *sins* of self-pleasure to her Mother Confessor (c’est Moi!), then rides the Sybian to multiple orgasms, and gives a begging cuckold submissive, “Cuck Steve,” a taste of the domination and humiliation he craves, comparing his size (in chastity) with gigantic Rome Major.

There’s more—so much more! Watch what we can’t show you on Youtube and read My Journal: https://drsusanblock .com/fdr-sticky-situations

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