F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): Texas Taliban, Biblical Climate Change, RIP Ed Asner & Happy Labia Day!

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

As the Texas Taliban begin their crackdown on female sexuality, virtually outlawing a woman’s right to choose with the help of a right-wing extremist Supreme Court, floods, fires and plagues rage—rather Biblically—while heavily armed, deeply confused, ammosexual incels roam the land, some in uniform, others not—shooting it up and beating the drums for war in the streets and overseas. Meanwhile, as we broadcast live from our beautiful little village of Bonoboville, the 20th anniversary of America’s greatest unsolved mystery, 9/11, looms before us. 

We also say farewell to the late great “Ed Asner: Man of Spunk & Socialism,” loveable curmudgeon star of “Lou Grant,” “Mary Tyler Moore,” “Up,” and more, seven-time Emmy and  Eugene V. Debs award winner, SAG Union President and courageous nemesis of Ronald Reagan. And we talk about how the new FX “Impeachment” movie might skewer Bill (again!) over consensual adult sex, victimize Monica (a co-producer) and reflect the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” that Hillary warned us about, and that has since metastasized into leagues of ammosexual MAGAts spouting QAnonsense, at the highest and lowest levels.  We also take a call from Chris in New Jersey who praises Ed Asner’s activism in the autism community and tells the harrowing tale of surviving the horrific floods of Tropical Storm Ida. So many sad, disturbing topics for this Love Train… 

But it’s also Labia Day 2021!

Like a vibrant Georgia O’Keeffe pussy flower blooming in a toxic junkyard, Labia Day opens us to pleasure, giving us something beautiful to celebrate (as well as the great labia-loving, senior sex we had that morning), as we assess all the misery, insanity and sex-negativity that is now flooding, burning, drowning, droning and oppressing the world. So, if you’re looking for sexy sex education, don’t miss this week’s throwback, our very first Labia Day in 2015 when, fed up with the Da Rich exploiting our labor, I decided to read between the lines—and lips—of Labor Day to find a similar, onomatopoetic, but far more suitable and bonoboësque name for this early September time off from the daily grind.  It’s a celebration of female sexuality, but since labia can be transformed into testicles in trans men, this could be Testicle Day too, which takes me onto a tangent about testicles and testament having the same root that I’m sure all the testifying-on-their -testament, anti-abortion, anti-woman, anti-sex Bible thumpers appreciate. “Dubai Guy” on Reddit wishes us a “Happy Testicles Day,” one of many comments and questions on this ride through time on the Love Train. 

Oh, and sorry for the video glitches on this one, but the audio is fine… and quite eargasmic!

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