F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): The Pink Duct Tape Dialogues

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Slipping into a slinky pink latex, I pledge my love & send my regrets to DomCon, the Comic-Con of Kink and the Met Gala of Fetish, where I was so excited to be Mistress of Ceremonies and see all my favorite FemDoms who I’ve been missing like crazy all year.  But these are crazy times, and as much as I long to whip it good with fellow kinksters, I’m not about to challenge Domina Delta Variant to a wrestling match. Not even a friendly erotic catfight. So My Pomeranian Familiar, Chico, & I send our best wishes for fab play parties & classy classes. Speaking of classes, I suggest DomCon offer a class in “Duct Tape Bondage for Flight Attendants,” & I’m only half-kidding. Apparently, the most effective method for handling unruly passengers—of which there are a lot lately—is to duct tape them in their seats. Maybe they like it (freedom is the greatest aphrodisiac, but restraint is a close second). But don’t be harassing your beleaguered flight attendants just so they’ll tie you up!

Fortunately, Capt’n Max & I don’t have to duct tape anyone on the Love Train, but when we turn the live Reddit cam on me, the Redditors call me a hot MILF, Mistress, Goddess, sexy Auntie, etc., my favorite being “Jane Goodall in Vegas.” 

Which brings us back to bonobos, including our amazing new “Survival of the Friendliest” interview, and how there are no ammosexual incels in Bonoboville. Unfortunately, there are quite a few ammosexual incels in Humanville. One of them, Trump supporter Jake Davison, just mass-murdered five people, including his own mother, before turning his (legal owned) gun on himself in the first mass shooting in the U.K. in 11 years. How can the Bonobo Way treat our growing ammosexual incel virus (it’s very contagious)? 

We also talk about the awful pain but long-overdue necessity of U.S. military forces pulling out of Afghanistan—which we never should have invaded in the first place. Defense Attorney Brian from Kentucky calls in to suggest that I, being a sex-positive feminist, should take up arms to help oppressed Afghan women, but loses momentum when I ask what to do about oppressed Saudi women? Let’s share our wealth, not our firearms and bombs. Let’s make like bonobos, not baboons. 

And we update you on our response to last month’s unconstitutional Police Raid on F.D.R. studios. Over 20 years ago, when we were raided by the LAPD on equally bogus pretexts, we created “The Dildo Dialogues.” This show is “The Duct Tape Dialogues.”  Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les mêmes…

We also have a kinktastic DomCon Bound (2018) throwback show to get you into a spanking-hot DomCon mood, if you’re brave enough to go this year. Or, if you’re a Covid-Sissy like me, just savor those vicarious thrills. If you’ve ever been to DomCon before, it will certainly trigger wonderful memories—with mammaries!  

Watch the DomCon Bound Bacchanalia (along with other videos we can’t show you on Youtube), and read more about everything here: https://drsusanblock.com/fdr-duct-tape

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Last Updated: May 3, 2022(Share)