Kenneth W. Starr: A Pornographer for Our Times @DrSuzy

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Ken Starr passed away last week, so I’m re-releasing this comic, erotic and very historic, turn-of-the-21st century Dr. Susan Block Show throwback, taking you onstage at the World Pornography Conference where I presented the 1998 Boobie Award for “Best National Pornography Production” to Kenneth W. Starr, the notorious neo-Puritanical Independent Counsel who spearheaded a ruthless witch hunt, power grab and smear campaign against then-President Bill Clinton, climaxing with the release of The Starr Report—like a hot money shot that lands in your eye or perhaps up your nose.

“Never has a piece of common porn so captured the hearts, minds and gonads of so many Americans, even those of us who really don’t care who swallows the presidential semen.” I proclaimed to my audience of professors, porn stars, lawyers and reporters hosted by Annie Sprinkle and Candida Royalle. “Never has the mainstream American media proven itself to be such a fantastic public relations machine for a single porn production, broadcasting every rumor and innuendo in this sperm-swirling storm of gossip, intrigue and sanctimonious outrage.” If you lived through it, you know how it dominated the news, and #KenStarr was the instigator, chief voyeur and Grand Inquisitor.

I also take you into my broadcast bed for an intimate after-party at the Villa Piacere where Capt’n Max and I explore the juicy details of the #StarrReport with such luminaries as Dr. Betty Dodson, Richard Pacheco, Kat Sunlove, Jack Hafferkamp, LaSara, KISS and Tod Hunter. Also at the Pornucopia: Dr. Vern Bullough, Dr. Carol Queen, Al Goldstein, Roy Karch and Veronica Vera.

This special episode captures a truly historic moment, including footage from the day a coerced and terrorized Monica Lewinsky testified before a Grand Jury, and reactions to the Starr Report and Boobie Award, including live interviews with KTLA5 and KNBC4. At a time when most Americans were becoming more open, tolerant and sex-positive, Ken Starr and his team of reactionary young ninjas (including a fledgling Brett Kavanaugh and Ann Coulter) didn’t succeed in their intended coup d’état (or as Joe Conason called it, “Coup de Twat”), but they did turn the clock back on sexual freedom, and now we have QAnon and a powerful majority on the Supreme Court (including Kavanaugh!) literally forcing their extreme #NeoPuritanical ways on the rest of us.

This video first aired uncensored in 1998 on public access TV stations around America.
Of course, this version is censored for Youtube (we don’t want our account shut down). So…

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