Make Kink Not War: @DrSuzy The Bonobo Way at DomCon LA 2022

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Happy Kink Month 2022 ! Rattled by battles, wars and more wars, including the wars on women, I’ve taken this little jingle as my light in the dark, my mantra against the madness and a bit of a gag (pun intended) in the gloom: Make Kink Not War!

A twist on that oldie but goodie, Make Love Not War, it’s the peaceable kinkster’s battle cry*… but what does it mean in the real world—on the battlefield, in the bedroom, the boardroom, the classroom, the dungeon, the RV, the protest march or the play party? What can we learn about our own ability to “Make Kink Not War” from the kinkiest apes on Earth, the #bonobos, the FemDoms of the Wild, the only great apes who never kill each other? How can we *be more bonobo and what it’s got to do with the transformative, healing, peaceful power of #kink?

Find out in Version 6.0 of The Bonobo Way at #DomCon LA, the Met Gala of Latex and the Comic-Con of Kink (with the Ted Talks of BDSM), founded and directed by the marvelous Mistress Cyan (who gave me my first consenting-adult birthday spanking in 2004, the same year she founded DomCon): Make Kink Not War: Be Bonobo.

Kick off Kink Month 2022 with a spanking hot sexual revelation. Take a front row seat in my Master Class (Mistress Class?) in kinky anthropology, ranging from our current abominable wars and war fantasies to the inspirational worlds of the kink-normative, femocratic bonobos and the peaceable kinksters of DomCon: the fabulous FemDoms, Mistresses, Goddesses, Dominatrixes, Dommes, Doms, submissives and switches, all of whom “Make Kink Not War.”

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