Masturbation Month Kick-Off 2016 @DrSuzy

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Merry Masturbation Month, Brothers and Sinners, Wankers, Yankers, Sperm-Bankers and Monkey-Spankers… In this bubbly celebration of self-pleasure, broadcasting live from Bonoboville, we kick off the M Month with a bang, a buzz, an orgasm, a squirt and a rush of pink-and-blue May-Day-infused communal ecstasy. We also lick up some luscious Bonoboville Communion, take in a little M Month history, share funny masturbation stories and present my 8 Great Benefits of Masturbation… because self-pleasure doesn’t *just* feel good; it IS good for you… and the Earth (Masturbation is Ecosexual). 

I open our blast-off into the Mmmm Month straddling the Sybian—an excellent mechanical device that, without attachments, makes me feel like I’m riding an extra-special vibrating horsey on a magical Merry-Go-Round—which I continue to ride merrily throughout much of the evening featuring Alana Cruise aka Savannah Fyre, Dayton Raines and more.

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