Orgasms for The Eyes on the 4th of July @DrSuzy

Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

Fireworks Not Bombs🎆 Enjoy “Orgasms for the Eye on the 4th of July” 🎇 a Dr. Susan Block Show throwback filmed on the Bonoboville Rooftop as well as inside the Womb Room of the Little Love Church of The Bonobo Way 💒 featuring Biz Bonobo, Chelsea, Capt’n Max & my beautiful akeeta corn snake Eve. Of course, this is the censored version which has photos of lots of other great humans and other animals who have passed through the Dr. Susan Block Institute. It’s called “Orgasms for the Eyes,” but the Censored-for-Youtube version is more eargasms than eyegasms..

For the eyegasms, and to read more prose and watch the shows uncensored and free on DrSuzy-Tv: https://drsusanblock com/July-4th

Need to talk PRIVATELY? Call the Therapists Without Borders of the Dr. Susan Block Institute anytime: 213.291.9497. We’re here for you.

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