SEX CALLS: Bisexual Monogamy With @DrSuzy

    In “Bisexual Monogamy,” I talk with a young couple in love, both bisexual, yet he wants to be monogamous and she wants to be free to explore other women and even threesomes. Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality!  Subjects of discussion with ” Alex and Mark” include relationships, bisexuality, monogamy, nonmonogamy, ethical hedonism, physical attraction, emotional commitment, self-pleasure and teaching your partner how to please you: “You can give pleasure by giving freedom to be with other people,” is one of my more quotable quotes from this call. Also intercourse vs. outercourse and orgasm repression: “It seems that you don’t want to close off your options, so you close off your orgasm,” is another one of my quotable observations. “Bisexual Monogamy” is a vintage clip from the “SEX CALLS” broadcast archives of The Dr. Susan Block Show (circa 1998). This is NOT a call with actual therapy clients; those are absolutely private and confidential. This is a caller on my Saturday night live show. For more information, call us at 626.461.5950. To watch this show on video, go to:

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