Sex Calls: High Maintenance Roleplay

In “High Maintenance Roleplay,” I counsel "Steven and Regina," a young man and older woman in a four-year relationship, about fantasy roleplay, relationships, taboos, resentment vs. obsession, shaving and waxing vs. natural hair, being demeaned vs. being respected, Cougar problems, physical hygiene, spanking, the importance of differentiating between real life and fantasies, adult dress-up, playing doctor, domination, bondage, making love on the dining room table, conscious kink, variety, using BBQ tongs as pleasure toys, and appreciating your partner for who they really are, even though you like to fantasize. Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality! “High Maintenance Roleplay” is a vintage clip from the "SEX CALLS" broadcast archives of The Dr. Susan Block Show (circa 1998). This is NOT a call with actual therapy clients; those are absolutely private and confidential. This is a Sex Calls caller on our Saturday night live show. For more information, call us at 626.461.5950. For current shows and other events, visit us at 
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